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Thread: Breath of the Wild: What are you doing?

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    As of roughly 9:30 pm on 3/3/2017, I have just successfully gotten my paraglider and left the plateau.
    i then landed safely and promptly ran into a rock guardian and was killed instantly....
    How about you all?

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    Breath of the Wild: What are you doing?

    I’ve scaled 3 towers,
    completed 11 shrines (including the first 4),
    Tamed a horse and named it "Gluie",
    Scaled all the mountains around Kakariko village

    Think I’m currently in Hateno Village

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    I have 3 horses now. Alpha, Delta and Sigma.

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    Hey! I named my horse Delta too! Only mine is named after a god-awful Australian singer/actor…

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    I’m now off to check out this singer/actor.
    Knowledge is power!

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