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Thread: Weekly Critique Thread: April 17 - 23 - Closed

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    Weekly Critique Thread: April 17 - 23 - Closed

    For the weekly critique threads, there are 3 simple rules we hope you'll follow:
    1) Before posting a photo, please take the time to comment on a couple of photos in the thread, giving constructive criticism or explaining what you like about the photo. You do not have to go in depth about what you like and dislike. You can just simply state what you liked about the photo. We really want involvement from posters.
    2) Post 1 photo a week. Please do not post multiple photos in one post (or post multiple photos in a row). Allow others to join in as well. Post photos as a reply to the OP and post critiques as replies to photos. This should keep things nice and clean.
    3) Please list the settings used, if available. These settings are:

    • Focal Length
    • Aperture
    • Shutter Speed
    • ISO
    • Camera Model

    Do not worry if you're not experienced in photography, the aim of this thread is to learn from each other.
    Need help linking photos to the critique thread? Here are two ways that use Flickr and Imgur!
    Finally, always makes sure to preview your comments before posting. If your photo doesn't load, then you need to fix the photo link/HTML code. This will keep the thread clean from broken photo comments.

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    D5100 | 200mm | f/8 | 1/250th | ISO 100
    Great kiskadee. Really loud fella, makes for a lousy neighbor.

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    I really like the simple elegance of this. Even if the wee bird wasn’t there it would have been a nice architecture shot but the bird makes the photo all its own.
    The cool white balance works as well, is that as it was shot or did you tweak it during PP?

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    Thanks! White balance is as shot. Took the picture during the late afternoon, with pretty clear, deep blue skies – a lot of blue seeps into the shades.
    We’re well into autumn down here, so I felt the colder tone also fits the mood.

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    Nikon D610
    Nikkor 16-35mm
    ISO 400

    Went back to the skatepark to try and get some better photos, and attempting to learn from the mistakes I made first time around. turns out some of the best skateboarders in Perth were there that day and it was a hell of a lot of fun!
    Not 100% sure why I didn’t notice the ISO was at 400 ended up adjusting settings around that it seems. Oh and if anyone’s favourite part of the photo is the same as mine I’ll be very impressed.

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    content from reference site

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