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Thread: Why is the verge ignoring this?????

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    Why is the verge ignoring this?????

    Feel free to stone me for the all-caps title.
    But PLEASE tell me why this technology story is not being told:
    Most Vergers learn left: I get it. But, this is still a fascinating story about how important information is being stored and lost in 2014.
    VERGE, DONT IGNORE THIS. (Sorry again for the caps BUT NOT THAT SORRY)

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    Definitely worth posting an article about. Come on Verge, tell the world about this. Not everyone reads WSJ.

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    At least SOME mention of it? We can’t have a government body acting like this. It’s cool when your favorite party is in power, but the tides always change.
    When the Republicons get in control of the IRS and start doing this to the Demorats, they will only have themselves to blame.

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