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Thread: Microsoft's answer to everything is Windows.

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    Microsoft's answer to everything is Windows.

    Has it become apparent to them yet that they should have bet the farm on their mobile effort? Pure more resources into improving it, rather than gutting it. Change the branding even. Windows branding is associated with desktop operating system and will always be. Not cool personal, mobile consumer electronics devices and gadgets.
    Now I am reading Microsoft is pushing Windows as a competitor to the Echo. And home automation. With the differentiator being full Windows? The desktop PC market (full Windows) is not the same market as consumer electronic/gadget market in which devices like the Echo falls into.
    No one's buying an Echo is complaining it doesn't run full Windows.

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    I don’t think Windows has the positive image Microsoft thinks it has.
    "Oh, windows, like what I have to use at the office."

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    That’s why they are pushing Surface as a brand. Has a much better image (I know it still runs Windows, but what ya gonna do?).

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    Surface is the one branding bright-spot they’ve had in a while (maybe since XBox). But yup it’s still running same Windows.
    They tried to force associate it with the new wave of modern mobile tablets, by labeling it one but consumers did not buy it. It’s a Windows notebook PC in the form of a tablet.
    They need to start afresh with a new mobile OS that breaks away from legacy Windows (branding and code).

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