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Thread: We IP Lawyers have Swagger

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    We IP Lawyers have Swagger


    Seriously. WTF.

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    Words fail me.
    That never happens.
    I approve of the homage to Office Space, though.

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    I just saw the longer video on YouTube. Congrats for the swagger. There’s nothing like having a little fun. Back in my day a decade + ago as an AS/400 consultant, system designer, and programmer, I would have loved to try something fun like that, but it would have killed my business. Back then, jobs could be lost or given to someone else if you programmed in one style and the fad in that office followed a different style. I’m serious. There’s nothing sadder or more damaging to your career than a brittle coder with a little power. (I’m a CPA but prefer(ed) designing accounting systems to using them.) I’m happy lawyers are more open minded.

    I visited your web site. It was nicely filled with facts and reasons to hire you. It could use a little sprucing up, but leave it fact filled. A nice web design program with a lot of pre-built templates could do the job. Have you considered a WordPress blog for supplemental contact? They’re free and extremely cheap if you buy an upgrade package. A little personal contact might make you a go-to guy when they need a lawyer.

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    content from reference site

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