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Thread: Another big advantage of PC gaming saves the day for me.

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    Another big advantage of PC gaming saves the day for me.

    I am no longer a "hardcore" gamer. I still buy the latest hardware, I care about the best graphics and performance. I also love the ability to switch between controller and keyboard/mouse as per the game. However I can no longer tolerate getting stuck in a game or just overly complex systems in a game. I play single player games pretty much for the experience now barring a few exceptions.
    While I obviously knew this all along but only recently I have started using trainers for many games that I find too difficult or complex to enjoy. There was a time when even looking up YouTube or a walkthrough for help was blasphemy for the hardcore gamer in me. But those times are long gone.
    As far as I know you can't really cheat in many games on consoles and that to me is just ridiculous. If I couldn't cheat I'll probably have given up on gaming by now or at least would be thinking of doing that. Having to give up on immersive storylines and gameworlds just because I got stuck somewhere would be quite a turn off for future games.

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    I haven’t encountered many games where I’ve gotten stuck to the point of near abandoning it.
    I play on Xbox though and while it’s true that we can’t cheat by installing mods or whatever, we can still look up walkthroughs just the same. What I usually do is start playing a game at a high level of difficulty, turning off assists and HUD elements. And then as I progress, if the game gets too hard for me to enjoy, I can gradually turn them back on, but usually by that time I’ve gotten good enough at that specific game that I don’t need to anymore.

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    Recently AC:Black Flag. Now I know it’s not actually a recent game but I only played it now. The naval battles just started feeling stupidly tough and I really could not be bothered to study all the upgrades available and "plan" my ship for battle. Building a ship is really not what I wanna do in an AC game. There is no difficulty setting in this game.
    Previous to that it was Metro: Last Night whose lowest difficulty still had some really tough battles that got annoying real fast.

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    Kind of tells me that either A) AC Black Flag wasn’t for you and B) you aren’t really good at shooters.
    Last Light was stupidly easy on normal because of the huge amounts of ammo everywhere. The challenge was if you wanted to play it stealthy. 2033 Redux is more difficult because it was more towards survival. You had to play in Ranger mode in Last Light to have a 2033 experience.

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