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    Dear Business owner or anyone who is aware..
    What is the taxation situation in your area (country etc.).. I mean I would like to get some general idea where it is best to run business.

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    If you are into your indices, here’s the 2014 Index of Economic Freedom:
    In Europe, Germany has a lot of overhead to running a business and most other northerly countries follow a similar path. The Netherlands is libertarian in its business practices, but also has relatively high tax demands. The lowest-tax regimes can be found where it’s hardest to collect that tax, so Spain, Italy, Greece, etc. Bulgaria’s the lowest with a flat 10 percent personal income tax (last time I checked, anyway). Honestly, though, as with everything else, you get what you pay for. I think I’d prefer the diversity of opportunity and the educated workforce of a place like Denmark, in spite of its epic taxes.

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    What is the taxation situation in your area
    In my area, a group of old men got together and wrote some words on a few pieces of paper. They feel that by writing words on paper, they have given themselves the power to decide how hundreds of millions of other people should behave. Conveniently, the papers state that us hundreds of millions owe these old men money on a regular basis, you know, for this wonderful "service". Also conveniently, their papers state that only they may derive these powers by writing words on paper — nobody else is allowed to do it. In any event, they refer to the money they demand from us as "tax".
    If that isn’t strange enough, most people are convinced that these random groups of old men are heroes and benevolent geniuses, who write words on papers and hire people with guns to enforce their arbitrary rules. That’s the situation in my area. It’s my understanding that other areas suffer from the same circumstances.

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    Sounds like organised crime to me. What is this mafia known as?

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    If you want to legally evade taxes I suggest you set up two businesses in two different countries that aren’t bound by any tax treaties and the like. Read this.
    (I’m a tax law student in the Netherlands).

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    content from reference site

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