Haven't used spotify before. Don't listen to music much. Wanted to listen to a track I heard. Downloaded spotify.
Immediately upon opening the app after registration (which, in all honesty was surprisingly easy) I received an unwanted disgusting facial of some of the most unintuitive and user hostile interfacing I have ever seen in an app ( and I use a lot of apps). Triple dots indicating menus everywhere, none of them do what I want them to do, the search sucks, I press a song with which I don't want to be affiliated with, I want to get rid of that song, how? There is a list of recently listened to songs somewhere I guess, another triple dot, I press it, menu opens, no option to kick the unwanted song to a virtual spotify hell, only "hide it" WTF does that shit mean?! I don't want to hide it, I want to remove it. Current shuffle (wtf is a fucking shuffle and why do you subject me to it?) song still plays, I swipe right then I swipe left nothing happens, I long press the song nothing happens, Ah look a TRIPLE DOT on the song! If I press it then a menu opens where there must be an option to stop and remove the current "shuffle" or whatever the fuck it is. Nope.
Oh and the "you discovered a premium feature" BS. If everything is behind the paywall then having a pointless unusable "freemium" app is just fucking with the consumer, just make it a one week trial out of the gate if you want people to "experience the app".
Spotify deleted, 0/10. Would not recommend.