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Thread: NVP Market Vision System - looking for some help to resolve this issue please?

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    NVP Market Vision System - looking for some help to resolve this issue please?

    I’ve been running the NVP Market Vision System for nearly two years and am currently offshore so don’t have the facility to call their support desk for an answer. I’ve noticed an error message has come up and I can’t seem to get rid of this. My computer crashed recently which may have been the issue. The message says ‘Error whilst loading prices’ – it happens when I initially type in my password and then I have to force close the program through task manager for it to disappear. I need help quickly please as I’ve got a couple of stocks that have shot up and I need to check their progress before I sell!!!

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    Hi Anthony .. I’ve encountered this issue before .. Due to the autosave function if you don’t close the program correctly or if you have a system crash as you mentioned, the database won’t save and this can cause an error of this nature to occur .. Don’t panic the quickest and easiest way to resolve is to simply insert the program cd or usb and follow the install steps .. This will actually remove the program and then reload it but retains all of your trade data .. Back when I first started using NVP Market Vision System about 8 years ago the previous version wasn’t quite so easy to remedy an error of this nature and I once had to reload all trading data for about 3 years! Thankfully not the case nowadays.

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    Thank you Bradley that did the trick! I wasn’t sure if I had the USB to hand but I did so problem resolved. Did you manage to catch a hold of RM. at the start of December? I squeezed just over 25% from them, was a nice wee Christmas bonus.

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    I didn’t catch hold of that one unfortunately Anthony, however I did well out of OXB recently for around the same return. Bought on the 29/12 and sold on the 08/01 for 25.20% so a nice quick turnaround.

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    Aye – that’s good going. You’ve been at it a while what’s the best month you’ve ever had?

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    Hard to say Anthony but I remember clearing 3 x 30% plus trades in about two weeks once which definitely got the blood pumping. IT’s the consistency that really gets me with the Market Vision System, I’ve only had a handful of months where I’ve gone backwards, and that’s over about an 8 year period. I got onto them through an old mate of mine and have been buying him rounds at the pub ever since! Well that is until Spurs wins a match, then it’s his round ; )

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    Hiya Bradley, how's things tracking for you lately?

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    Hi Anthony - yeah brilliant thanks. I bought another licence last year to trade on the ASX so I'm running this now concurrently!! With the time difference it means I'm basically in the market 24 hours a day for only 20 minutes work. The results are just as good if not better, did you receive the offer to do this as well?

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    I did yeah, but we've got right into property now as well so the timing wasn't right for me to get into it. Sounds good though! No complaints here, glad to hear it's going well for you. I had an absolute stonker a while back, was a mining share and made about 80% overnight on a 4k trade. Good fun : )

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